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REDOIL Media 2015:

Green Groups warn of disaster:

US will allow drilling:

US approved Shells Drilling:

Paddle for Seattle:

Drill Rigs Are Coming:

Seattle Shell No:

Wilderness Week Protest on Shell:

The Fate of the Arctic:


REDOIL Media 2013-2014: 


Sage Magazine Story on Offshore Development Beyond the North Slope:


Chukchi Platform Blog-In response to Shell Oil’s announcement not to commence drilling in the Chukchi Sea for the 2014 summer drilling season, REDOIL staff wrote a Blog for Platform Magazine in the UK, which was shared over 1,000 times via internet social networking sites, one of the more popular of the magazine stories.

Judge suspends Arctic Drilling…LA Times Article re: Lawsuit:



Arctic Sounder Articles-There was a discourse between Arctic Slope Regional Corporation and REDOIL affiliates addressing the pros and cons of Arctic Ocean development, which captured everyone’s attention after the lawsuit was won to keep Shell out of the Chukchi Sea this summer. 

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation:

REDOIL Response:

Inupiat Communities of the Arctic Slope Response:

ADN Article on Sounder disputes:

Idle No More Video 

REDOIL staff was requested to create a short video in solidarity with the Idle No More movement in Canada; this was shared via social networks in Canada and Alaska.


Gwich’in Women Speak

Documentary film about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge produced by Miho Aida “Sacred Place Where Life Begins” powerful testimony from Women of the Gwich’in Nation.   REDOIL was called upon to open the film in various forums this year to educate all about the issue.


Why We Should Be Very Worried About the Arctic Oil Rush

So why send First Nation people to AGM’s like Shell?

Alaska Dispatch: Swift reaction as Shell suspends 2013 Arctic Alaska offshore drilling

Rolling Stone Magazine: The Fossil Fuel Resistance: Meet the New Green Heroes

Shell under fire from Indigenous Peoples over human rights abuses and environmental destruction in Canada, Alaska and Nigeria

Alaska Business Monthly: Alaska Supreme Court Says Constitution Requires Consideration of All Impacts of Oil and Gas Projects

DNR Must Look at the Impacts of Each Phase and Involve the Public

Anchorage Daily News: Idle No More Native Rally

Greenpeace & REDOIL Presser on Shell Arctic Campaign at Rio+20 Earth Summit

Risking Ruin Report:

Indian Country Today: Alaska Natives and Environmentalists to Challenge Shell Permit

Le Monde Diplomatique: Walking the watersHow to bring the major oil 

companies ashore and halt the destruction of our oceans

Ch11 KTVA: Alaska Natives Protest Development Projects


The Narcosphere: Indigenous protecting Arctic expose Shell as corporate criminal




Ms. Magazine: Preserving the Future

Climate Connections: Statement on Geoengineering from Faith Gemmill, Pit River/ Wintu and Neets’aii Gwich’in Athabascan from Arctic Village, Alaska and Executive Director of REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands).

UTNE Reader: 25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World in 2011

Northern line: Victory in 6-Year Fight! Applause to Fish & Wildlife Service for Halting Yukon Flats Refuge Land Trade

Intercontinental Cry Magazine: Alaska Natives, ecologists oppose oil drilling in Chukchi Sea

Faith Gemmill of IEN - live speech at the Convocatoria at Cochambamba, Bolivia

Climate and Capitalism: North American Indigenous Activists in Cochabamba

Nunatsiaq Online: Leave gas and oil in the ground, environmental groups tell Arctic foreign ministers

The Guardian: On the frontline of climate change




International Indian Treaty Council News: Indigenous leaders say that BP oil field shutdown is a wake up call to the Industry, US, and World:

Environmental News Service: Natives, Conservationists Sue to Block Chukchi Sea Oil Leasing

The New York Review of Books: Alaska: Big Oil and the Inupiat-Americans

Uprising Subverting the Airways :Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change

The New York Times: At Copenhagen, Native Alaskans Urge Action

Democracy Now: Indigenous Activists March on US Embassy in Copenhagen Urging Obama to “Stop the US Energy Industry’s War on Native Peoples and Lands”

New Internationalist: Slick operators